General Recycling

General Recycling is collected by Tower Hamlets on Wednesdays, sometimes Saturdays.

Please make sure you flatten all cardboard boxes to maximize space and to do your recycling between the hours of :

8AM – 10-PM Weekdays
10AM – 10PM Weekends

This is for our neighbours on the ground floor. Please be mindful!

Recycling info

Recycling bins are located in the centre of the estate at the far back wall.

Please put everything inside the bins, not next to the bins… They will only take what’s in the bins. If you find waste left next to a bin, please help out and put it inside.

Pink recycling bags can be obtained at the Idea Store in Whitechapel with proof of address. Disabled and elderly residents who cannot collect them can contact the council for delivery

No black bin bags to be used – clear recycling bags are available at most stores.

You can recycle: Paper, Card, Cartons, Glass, Tins, Cans & Plastic.


Waste (non recycling)

Bins can be found at the bottom of the stairs in each block.


Removal of large items

If you have a large item of waste, the council will do two collections per householder per year.

Details on how to arrange this are on the council website here.

Please do not leave these items outside your flat or in stairwells – they will be blocking vital fire escapes. Please put them out for collection within the boundary of the estate, not blocking the pavement outside, on the morning of the collection.

Food Waste

We now also have Food Recycling and are the pilot scheme for Tower Hamlets. If one bin is full please use another, we are looking into getting more frequent collections as the scheme has been such a success!

New wooden bin houses will be part of the courtyard resurfacing as well so fit in with our block surrounds.

Freecycle to Neighbours!

There are noticeboards at the bottom of each stairwell, you’re very welcome to advertise unwanted items for free to giveaway to your neighbours.

There is also a facebook group for residents where you can do the same.

OR try Freecycle Tower Hamlets or Hackney.