This is a very special block and has a real feeling of community here. The facebook page is the best place to see all the latest happenings on the estate but any major building or works to the estate will be communicated by Islington Properties at least 2 weeks prior to the work commencing. It is up to you to inform your tenants of this work if it will affect your/their property.

You can also check on the Upcoming Works page here or encourage your tenants to do so.


One of the oldest residents on the block remembers that when she first arrived, she was told that all it takes is to smile at your neighbours. We’d like to keep that tradition going strong : )

General Information

All the most important information is available on the notice boards. This website also serves as a handbook to living on the estate for residents and shareholders alike. Anything you think is missing please do contact us and let us know on the directors email.


Islington Properties will be sending out quarterly updates to shareholders on the work that’s been carried out and any other important business.

Estmanco Directors will occasionally send information out or important updates in the form of a mail-out for leaseholders.


For the sake of a peaceful community and good vibes, please keep the tone light and civil on the facebook. If you have an issue please use the report form as a first port of call if it can’t be resolved with any other form of communication.