Gate, Access & Fobs

Gate, Access & Fobs

Fobs and Phone Numbers: Your fob releases the pedestrian gate. The pedestrian gate unlocks magnetically and then needs to be pushed opened. To order new fobs or to add, change or remove your number, please use the report page and Islington Properties will set you up.


Dial codes

To be let in by a resident, dial the flat you need (e.g. A01 for 01 Dinmont). This will connect you to the resident’s mobile. When they answer the phone, they should key in either:

Hash (#) or (2#) to release the pedestrian gate, OR Star (*) to release the vehicle gate

Dial number

The gates can also be opened by dialling a phone number. This is useful if you forget your fob or you are driving into the estate and don’t want to get out of your vehicle. This number is the one that rings you when someone buzzes in.

Vehicle gate

The vehicle gate opens (or stays open) automatically whenever something passes by the photo-sensors between the posts. It closes after a period of no movement . To keep the estate safe we please ask that you don’t try and get out whilst the gate is closing as this will mean the gate is open longer than it needs to be and the block’s security is compromised.



Please report via the report page.
If there is an emergency involving the Gate we have a 24/7 number to call 020 8748 8222