Keeping the block free of vehicles.

The courtyards are so nice because there’s always been a no car policy in place and we want to keep it this way.

Visitor permits are done digitally now via the Tower Hamlets website so no reason not to get them for your visitors either in advance or on the spot when they attend the site. This also applies for visiting tradesmen unless they need access to their van.

If for whatever reason you do need to enter the premises in emergency cases or to load/unload your car, please move it out as soon as possible or leave a note in the window with your number and which flat you are in if you need to leave it unattended. Adding it to the facebook also helps if there is a good emergency reason you need to tuck it somewhere.

Permits & Visitor Vouchers

Please make this your first port of call for anyone visiting you.

Both are available from the Tower Hamlets website via their digital portal.



Blocking & Bin Access

Is obviously a huge no. The same goes for blocking the bin stores or recycling that it cannot be accessed – this is at all times.



Please order a visitor voucher for any visiting tradesmen via the their vehicle to park on the grounds, please ask them to leave a note with both phone numbers in the dash and which flat they are working on in case it needs moving.