Living in Harmony

Pets have always been a nice addition to the estate even tho legally in the lease they are not allowed – something to do with Grandfathers law (ask Nayla) but they are meant to bring joy and not pain. Please be responsible with your pet both in your own property and on the grounds as well. We all live quite close together so the more we can do to create this harmony the better!


Please try not to let your dog go to the toilet on the estate. We are looking into having a designated spot but children play on the estate and the more dogs go, the more cats go, and then other dogs go so the courtyard is a patchwork of wee. Not nice!

Rather take them outside the estate, there’s a couple of good spots around if you don’t want to go far.

Barking and other antisocial noise from dogs can also be an issue so if you have a dog please make sure your floors are soundproofed and not just foundation boards. This can be enforceable by lease which doesn’t’ feel very neighbourly so better to take it on yourself before it gets that far.


There has historically been an issue with cats marking and pooping on peoples doorsteps as well as in very public places on the estate. A new method of cleaning seems to have worked for most of the issues, if you are still having a problem please do use the report form.

Persistent offenders will be dealt with on a case by case basis. If you don’t know where you cat is going to the loo then you probably should. We live in a city in a block and not in the countryside!